The Solar Power Repair Company

Solar general inspections & system health checks

The most common query we have from solar power system owners is that they are unsure if their system is working or they have concerns that the system may not be producing as much as it once had. You may have noticed that your electricity bill is higher than usual, you may have noticed a fault on the inverter, or you may just be unsure about how the system works or how to read the inverter.

Our solar general inspection and health check services includes:

  • Inspection of the inverter
  • Inspection of the panels
  • Inspection and testing of the cables and circuit breakers/isolators including insulation resistance
  • Basic system output check

From this inspection we will be able to identify:

  • Any faults on the inverter and the potential cause of the fault. The problem could be the actual inverter or some other component of the system.
  • Any issues with the solar panels. In some circumstances, panels may require further testing.
  • Any damage or problems with cables and circuit breakers
  • Any issues that may be causing the system to perform less than optimal. If the system output is okay, we may be able to identify other issues that might be causing increasing in power bills.

If you have purchased a house that has a solar power system and you are not sure how the system works, we will be able to show you how to read the inverter, and give you an idea of the best time to use power within your home.

Even if you’ve had solar power for awhile and you haven’t ever really known how it all works or don’t know what the numbers on the inverter actually mean, we will be able to help!

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