I can’t get in contact with my original installer, can you help?

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I can’t get in contact with my original installer, can you help?

It’s an unfortunate scenario that we frequently hear from clients: their system has a fault and they are unable to contact the original installer or the company they purchased the system from. Like any appliances in your home, solar power systems, solar panels and inverters are not always free from defects. Sometimes faults can occur and equipment can fail and you will need to contact someone to inspect the system and rectify any issues.

We’ve seen a number of solar power companies close their doors over the past few years, some include:

  • Solar Shop
  • Y Solar
  • Euro Solar
  • Avant Solar
  • Carbon Footie
  • Blueline
  • WA Solar Pty Ltd
  • Unleash Solar
  • Love Energy
  • Polaris
  • Eco-Kinetics

The good news is that The Solar Power Repair Company is able to help you. We can inspect systems if a fault light is showing on your inverter or if the system isn’t working at all. We can also assist with warranty claims for inverters and solar panels if the manufacturer is still operating in Australia and the installation is still within the warranty period.

Take a look at the services we offer and how we can assist you.

Please call us on 0401 401 513 if you would like to speak with a solar electrician.

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