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I can’t get in contact with my original installer, can you help? It’s an unfortunate scenario that we frequently hear from clients: their system has a fault and they are unable to contact the original installer or the company they purchased the system from.┬áLike any appliances in your home, solar power systems, solar panels and...
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Which inverters do you service? We are able to service all solar inverters, even if it’s not shown on our list! ABB Aerosharp APS Clenergy CMS Conergy Delta Eaton Enphase Eversolar Fronius Goodwe Growatt Kaco Latronics Macsolar Motech Power One Samil Power (Solar River) Selectronic Sharp SMA SolarEdge Solar Bridge Solar King SolaX Sunny Roo...
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How do I restart my inverter? Follow the inverter shut down procedure label which may be located on your inverter or the main switchboard of your house. Typically, this procedure will be: 1- Turn off the AC “Solar Supply Main Switch” or “Inverter Main Switch” located in the main switchboard of the house. 2- Turn...
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